a vision for a town


Nestling in the rolling hills between the Cairngorms & the world famous Spey, James Duff, 4th Earl of Fife, founded this former barrack town in 1817 where the Dullan Water meets the River Fiddich.

At the heart of Speyside's whisky region, Dufftown's granite stone buildings are not built like Rome on seven hills but, as myth has it, on seven stills: the World's Malt Whisky Capital.


Dufftown doesn't just have whisky to offer. There are many other key ingredients that go into what makes the place special.

It's easy for them to evaporate if we're not careful.

Within easy reach of natural recreational resources, the town is ideally situated to take advantage of  the other assets classically evocative of Scotland such as its own golf course, the broad sands & cragged rocks of the Moray coast, wild-swimming in the burns & lochs or experience the thrill of country sports among the surrounding hills & heather.


Let's not forget , a stone's throw away there is the best salmon & sea-trout fishing in the world.


We at the development trust believe that Dufftown can be more.

By building on what Dufftown already has to offer, we can unleash it's potential.

Our ambition is for The Malt Whisky Capital to also be the Beating Heart of Speyside & the surrounding area: a hub that offers the opportunity for locals & visitors alike to taste & see what is best about Scotland.


Supplementing existing attractions & traditions combined with brand new, dynamic elements will exhilarate & energize.


A fresh, clear outlook will draw in more visitors & investment that will make the town thrive.

It would add to & enhance what makes Dufftown special. It would mark a new dawn.

Let's dare to discover the real Dufftown.


From the design & project management of major construction schemes to strategy & experiential design & marketing for many of the world's top brands, the leadership group who will deliver on this vision for Dufftown bring a valuable skillset & vast experience to the project.

Complementing the core team will be specialist consultants who will bring expertise from their field to advise on key elements of the proposal.

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Dufftown Clock Tower by Stuart Gordon

Landscape South of Dufftown by Jacques VanDinteren

Whisky Barrels by Paul Stafford for TravelMag.com

Classic Spey Fly by Romko Chuk

Auchindoun Castle by Brian Elliot

Ben Rinnes at Sunset by Jasper Image Scotland